Buying a home can be a complex and time-consuming chore, especially if you don’t have the professional assistance of a Real Estate Agent. Let our team make the task of finding the right home an easy one for you. The following is what you can expect when you utilize their services.

  • Arrange an initial meeting to build a criteria for what you are looking for by discussing your needs and wants.
  • Educate you as a buyer by introducing you to different neighborhoods, providing you with helpful web sites and suggesting different local newspapers and complimentary magazines featuring houses for sale.
  • Set a realistic price range of what you can afford to obtain your desired home.
  • Assist you in arranging a pre-approved mortgage. Pre-approval will speed up the entire mortgage process once you found the house you want and protects you against any rate increases for a specified period.
  • Explain Buyer Brokerage and the Real Estate Agency Relationship.
  • Supply you with a list of available houses for sale that meet your requirements – including color photos of the exterior and interior.
  • Keep you posted on all new listings that become available as soon as they appear on the MLS system.
  • Arrange to show you any property listed for sale, whether it’s a private sale, another agency’s listing or an exclusive listing.
  • Provide names of reputable mortgage companies, lawyers, moving companies, insurance brokers, and engineering firms.
  • Go through the offer process in detail before drawing up the actual offer.
  • Propose clauses that would be beneficial in your offer.
  • Fax a copy of the offer to your lawyer for approval, if necessary.
  • Negotiate and obtain the most agreeable price and terms.
  • Attend the building inspection.
  • Provide your mortgage company with a description and photo of your new home.
  • Monitor the transaction through to the closing date.
  • Make sure that notices and waivers are signed and delivered in the conditional time frame specified.
  • Keep in contact with our client.

This is for limited Instructional and Informational purposes only. Information is not warranted as accurate.
Nothing herein is intended as legal or other advice and nothing herein is intended as a recommendation or endorsement.